Welcome to our garage door FAQ please click on the names below to expand each section.

Roll-A-Door (Roller Door) –  As the name suggests it is B&D’s roller door that they invented back in 1956. These are a type of door made from sheets of colourbond steel that are pressed to form corrugations so that they can be rolled up on themselves.


Panelift Door (Sectional Door) – This type of door is actually a sectional overhead garage door, Panelift is the trademark of B&D, although this name is used interchangeably in the industry for other manufacturers sectional doors. This door is made up of panels (sections) that follow a track up and overhead.


Tilt or Tilting Door – This is a single piece garage door that lifts out of the opening and up towards the ceiling. Although these are quite common still, B&D only supplies the parts and does not manufacture this type of door. We do not supply or service this type of door.

When installing a garage door in a carport certain requirements need to be met.

For a single Roll-a-Door you need a flush faced internal opening that has a minimum 150mm posts either side of the opening. You also need a minimum of 370mm headroom.

For a double roller door you need 200mm posts either side and head room of 450mm for a Series 2 Low Profile and Series 3 Squareline. For a Series 2 (Traditional) Wideline you will need between 520-640mm depending on the height of your door.

For further technical details with drawings you can download the product manual from http://bit.ly/2she22e

If you choose to install a Panelift Door (sectional garage door) on your carport you will need minimum 150mm posts either side and a minimum of 250mm headroom (from the lintel to the roof). Further to this, you will need a solid header that we can fix the spring anchor bracket to and also noggins in specific places please see our noggin sheet for further details http://bit.ly/2wgwGKc